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ANIS: Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights, and Gender is the only not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in Latin America devoted to bioethics research, advocacy, and education. With its headquarters in Brasília, ANIS has been conducting its activities since 1999 through a multidisciplinary team of seasoned bioethics professionals. In 2002, ANIS was included as a bioethics research institution in the directory of the Brazilian National Research Council.

Bioethics is a political and academic mechanism for intervention in moral conflicts arising from health issues. It covers some hard-to-mediate moral matters which include abortion, euthanasia, new reproductive technologies, the Human Genome Project, cloning, and genetic information.

ANIS bases its work on bioethical issues related to human reproduction, such as abortion, reproductive technologies, cloning, and the Human Genome Project. Along the theoretical and political guidelines of feminism and human rights, ANIS conducts its activities by way of four major programs.

Advocacy Program
This program coordinates the political activities of ANIS. The Advocacy Program works with Brazilian legislative bodies, offering technical support and academic cooperation for the legislative debate on bioethical issues related to human reproduction. The Advocacy Program comprises ANIS' own researchers, who take part in public hearings, legislative debates, and draft bill appraisals with a view to providing law-makers with sensitive information, in a non-partisan manner.

Education Program
This program summarizes the institutional mission of ANIS: to promote ethics. The educational activities are offered by ANIS in order to sensitize and recruit researchers while building their knowledge. Three training workshops are offered nationwide under the Education Program: Toolbox Workshop; Bioethics Workshop; and Advocacy Workshop. ANIS' facilities in Brasilia include a well-equipped room for the delivery of courses, lectures, and seminars, which are regularly offered in the form of all-inclusive scholarships.

Information Program
This is a pioneering program in Brazilian bioethics. ANIS' Center for Information and Documentation is a reference resource center for bioethics research in Latin America. The Information Program is coordinated by information scientists specialized in bioethics and aims at disseminating bioethical information in Brazil.

Research Program
This is ANIS' main program. It encompasses theoretical and ethnographic research in bioethics. In its research activities, ANIS relies on national and international academic partners. The Research Program is committed to actively engaging young bioethics researchers in Brazil, while providing the basis on which the Advocacy program's activities can be developed.

Working Group on the Social and Ethical Implications of the Human Genome Project (ISE) The ISE Working Group initiative is unheard of in Brazil. It promotes the ethical debate around genomic research involving human beings in Brazil. The ISE Working Group engages in education, research activities, and bibliographic production and is acknowledged as a national reference group.

LetrasLivres Publishing
LetrasLivres Publishing is the most daring initiative by ANIS in the field of education and bioethical information in Latin America. Given the scarcity of bioethics bibliographic resources in the Portuguese language, ANIS conceived and set up LetrasLivres Publishing as a cultural project whose aim is to democratize the access to specialized bioethics information. LetrasLivres relies on a board of renowned bioethics advisers from Latin America who determine its editorial line.

SérieAnis is a periodical publication to disclose the results of research initiatives directly or indirectly developed by ANIS. SérieAnis has a broad, nationwide reach, as it is freely distributed to libraries, research centers, non-governmental organizations, researchers, and students registered at the ANIS' Friends Association.

ANIS's Friends Association
This is a network of libraries, research centers, bioethics researchers, students, and scholars with an interest in ANIS' activities.

Ethics Research Committee (CEP)
The Ethics Research Committee is a collegiate board instituted by virtue of the National Health Council resolution. The most important role of a CEP is to educate, monitoring research initiatives involving humans beings by any Brazilian institution and keeping the necessary records. Acting independently, the committee conducts its dealings in an exemplary and educational fashion for the benefit of the Institute's research community.

The ANIS Team
ANIS in-house staff is made up of professionals from many fields of study: Anthropology, Architecture, Biology, Information Technology, Media Studies, Law, Economics, Nursing, Engineering, History, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Social Service, Sociology, and Translation. Thanks to agreements with academic institutions throughout Brazil and abroad, ANIS is able to offer internship and volunteer programs, as well as educational programs for young bioethics researchers.

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ANIS: Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender Caixa Postal 8011 70.673-970 Brasília-DF Brazil Phone/Fax: 55 61 343 1731
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